Telehealth and online sessions only during Covid-19 Emergency
(Some Bulk billing available with GP referral)

I am a Gestalt Therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with over twenty years experience in the area of human and community services working in community health counselling and private practice, family violence and homelessness services.

My earlier social work experience has been working with women and children who have been exposed to, or experienced family violence or childhood sexual abuse, both through group work and individual counselling. Often these and other frightening childhood experiences can carry into adult life in the form of anxiety, panic attacks and severe distress. I have over the past 10 years worked extensively with both women and men who are experiencing depression, anxiety, struggles with interpersonal relationships, worries about self confidence and self esteem and and a range of other difficulties that can plague us in our fast paced world. More recently I have engaged training in the area of Somatic Experiencing to work more specifically on childhood trauma, including impacts of family violence, sexual abuse, emotional neglect and to some extent shock trauma.

I have engaged in my own therapy both to enhance my personal growth and to help me link theory to life experience and most importantly, to the work of counselling individuals. To have had my own personal experience of 'being a client' and talking about my own struggles and vulnerabilities has helped me develop a deeper understanding of what it means to ask for support, to expose parts of myself that felt raw and to connect with a greater sense of the courage it sometimes requires to seek help.