Tips for dealing with depression and anxiety

Telehealth and online sessions only during Covid-19 Emergency
(Some Bulk billing available with GP referral)

Tell a supportive friend or family member how you are feeling

Make an appointment with your GP for a mental health care plan

Ring a counsellor direct and make an appointment

Think of something nurturing to do for yourself; like taking a long warm bath, or watching your favourite movie/series/comedy, or making a hot drink and tucking yourself into bed or on the couch with a good book or magazine, listening to relaxing music with the lights turned down, talk about something you love to do, sing, dance, play or simply lay with your pet on your torso, play a piece of your favourite uplifting music or other caring things for yourself that you know will help.
Eat foods high in Omega 3s like tuna or salmon
Reduce the amount of stimulants you have, eg coffee which can increase heart rate and make anxiety worse
Get as much sunshine or daylight as you can
Do some simple stretches to energise your body and get your blood flowing, increasing oxygen in your body and your brain

Go for a walk, a swim, bike ride or run

If you are feeling suicidal call Lifeline on 13 1114 or Suicide Helpline (in Victoria) on 1300 651 251