How do I work?

Telehealth and online sessions only during Covid-19 Emergency

I have a strong commitment to working in a way that responds to what each individual brings to the process of counselling. I have a warm and engaging style of working and bring a sense of compassion to the role of counselling and a sense of reality about the sometimes difficulty work of talking deeply about our own experience.

I work in a supportive way and am also, when appropriate willing to challenge old ideas as a way of helping people to look at areas within themselves that they might like to change as they grow and develop their own sense of how the relationships in their lives might be enhanced.

I also often work in ways that require 'less story' and focus on the body's felt sense, but in an attuned way and only at the pace that each individual's nervous system can tolerate. This can be particularly helpful when working with past trauma and can work towards discharging some of the nervous system's held energy from incomplete fight or flight responses.

The boundaries of the work however, will always be mutually agreed upon according to what is most immediate and most important, to you, the client.