How to talk to kids and young adults about consent
(Working towards a society free of sexual abuse and rape)

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"A list of parenting action items, created in the hope that we can raise a generation of children who have less rape and sexual assault in their lives."
By Joanna Schroeder, Julie Gillis, Jamie Utt and Alyssa Royse

The above words form the introduction to an article in the Huffington Post with valuable ideas about talking to children, young people and young adults about sexual abuse and sexual assault in our society. The article covers different age related conversations for parents to have with kids and young adults that suit their developmental stages as follows: good-men-project/this-is-how- you-teach-kids-about-consent_ b_10360296.html

Other helpful links relating to consent and respectful relationships are as follows: parents
(This website is directed at young people to help them recognise whether their relationship is respectful.)